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What can hypnosis for sex help me do?

▪       No more distractions focus only on the pleasure!

▪       Deleting the inhibitions!

▪       Fantasies!

▪       Falling back into love!

▪       Role-playing!

▪       Multiple Orgasm!

▪       Keeping wife horny!

▪       Sexual responsiveness!

▪       Erotic control!

▪       Be more open and accepting!

▪       Arousal by association!

▪       Saving Marriage!

▪       Female Ejaculation!

▪       Instant non-arousal!

▪       Increased sexual responsiveness!

▪       Post-hypnotic suggestion to be more responsive sexually!

▪       Instant Arousal!

▪       Enjoy oral sex!

▪       Bondage!

▪       Paralysis!

▪       Mind-Droids!

▪       Imagined restraints!

▪       Sexual phantoms!

▪       Willing and co-operative submission training!



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